Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Getting settled

All the staff at Marina Westerdok and the owner, Nauticadam, are great. They’re all making us feel very welcome here as we pester them with questions while we settle in.

The harbor master, Sjoerd, is a very nice, and very busy, young man. We had a chance to get better acquainted with him yesterday afternoon. It turned out that the boat that was in our slip was his, but someone else had put it there, and he didn’t know. And it wasn’t scrap lumber (that was just my impression), but rather nice teak boards. In his spare time, Sjoerd and a friend are restoring the boat, which is pre-WWI vintage. Anyway, it’s all sorted out now. No worries.

The general manager of Nauticadam, Jorrit (or Troy for rolled-r-challenged Americans), is another nice young man. Troy lived in San Francisco for a number of years at 15th and Guerrero, and we’ve hit it off quite well. (In fact, we left the old neighborhood before Troy did.) I didn’t quite catch the name of the third member of the management team, but I think it was Shara. Anyway, she has been helpful in identifying markets for shopping for various things. Everyone has been wonderful, and I’m really liking it here.

The photo of the Brouwersgracht street sign is in honor of our friends from Indigo, Greg and Kathy, who used to live on the Brouwersgracht (assuming that I’m remembering correctly). This is only a few blocks from Marina Westerdok.

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