Monday, March 9, 2009

Carnival photo pages posted

John has been busy with his photo pages, so now we have two more available. They are identified as Oeteldonk Intocht and Oeteldonk Optocht (Carnival in Den Bosch) on our photo page.

In case you haven’t been to our Web site and photo pages before, it might help you to know that recent updates are listed in the column on the left, both on the Home page and on the photo page. The photo page lists individual photo pages in reverse chronological order, so the most recent pictures are near the top. Pages are grouped by country. British Columbia is a bit of an exception. It’s in the proper order, but instead of listing all B.C. photo pages on the main page, it has it’s own page of listings with a link on the main page. B.C. is exceptionally photogenic.

Once you get to the individual photo page, you see thumbnails of all of the photos. Mouse-over the thumbnail for a brief description. Click the thumbnail to pop-up a larger photo. I don’t think the pop-up photos are affected by pop-up blockers, but if you don’t get the large photo, check your pop-up blocker settings. All pages have a link near the bottom to return to the main photo page. Older photo pages from 2006 don’t work quite the same way, but they’re more self-explanatory.


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