Monday, July 20, 2009

Helgoland revisited

It was kind of nice to come to a place where we had been before and knew what to expect in terms of docking. We expected huge raft-ups. When we were here in May the rafts were already five deep. Now in the height of the season, they're still only five deep. Whether it's the less than beautiful summer weather or the recession, I can't say, but it's been nice for us. We anchored out the first night, but since then we've been the boat on the dock in our rafts.

We had planned to leave today, but the wind continued a bit strong for us and the water is quite rough. One of our neighbors is going the same general direction we are, and he said tomorrow is supposed to be good, so we're both leaving at noon. A couple of Dutch boats are also heading back to The Netherlands and leaving tomorrow mid-morning.

This time we've actually explored Helgoland a bit. The island has three levels: lower, middle and upper. Last time we only saw the lower level, but this time we also went to the upper level and walked along the cliffs. If it weren't for the duty-free fuel and alcohol, there wouldn't be much tourism, but it is pretty in a non-tropical-island-in-the-middle-of-nowhere kind of way.

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