Saturday, August 29, 2009


We’ve really enjoyed our stay in Guernsey, but it’s coming to an end this morning as we continue to make our way out the English Channel. They say Guernsey is English with a little French dressing, and that about sums it up. It feels like we’ve done more tourist things than usual, but it’s probably about the same.

Harbor with 800-year-old castle

A little French dressing

When we first arrived, John asked the harbor control guy where a good place to get real ale was. Although reluctant to give advice at first, he finally recommended the Cock & Bull up the hill. We checked it out the next day and liked it. The ale was good (John said the IPA was the best he’s ever tasted), and the manager was friendly. He said we should come back the next night for a live Irish music session.

The Cock and Bull

Often we mean to do things and don’t follow through when the time comes. We decided, though, to make a point of going to the pub for the music, and we’re really glad we did. The music was outstanding, and the pub was so pretty in the softer light. John took lots of pictures, and yesterday we dropped off copies on our way back from Victor Hugo’s house.

About half of the Irish musicians including the manager's daughter on the left

That was another thing that was recommended to us: visit Victor Hugo’s house. Hugo spent a large part of his 19-year exile from France in Hauteville House here in St. Peter Port. He bought the property from proceeds from the sale of a poetry collection and spent years decorating it. It was here that he finished Les Misérables. The house is definitely worth seeing if you’re ever here. John took lots of pictures, so we’re sure to have a photo page on it later.

Our guide at Victor Hugo's house

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