Saturday, November 7, 2009

At home in Cartagena, Spain

After nearly two weeks here in Cartagena, we have settled in. We’ve located and visited the major grocery stores, taking different routes each time we leave the boat, and we’ve done some boats chores. Today we’re going to visit the underwater archeological museum (we’re docked right in front of it), but we’re taking our time visiting the sights. There is a lot of history here and many museums, but we have all winter.

We remain quite happy to be in this beautiful city at this friendly marina. The weather really couldn’t be better. Finally yesterday we put on long pants and long sleeves, but we may be back to shorts tomorrow. Here are some photos. John has done some work on photos pages for Spain but isn’t ready to publish them yet.

Monument to Spanish heroes from the Spanish-American War viewed from the waterfront park

Far end of the harbor by the Spanish naval base

City Hall—example of eclectic architecture

18th century fortifications

Hilltop fort


Judy and Bill aboard S/V BeBe said...

OK, you have sold us on Cartagena being the perfect place in the Med to spend a winter. Based on their website, I love your marina.

Anonymous said...

John & Shirley - Belated Thanksgiving greetings from the Northwest. Cartegena looks beautiful.
Jim & Kristin