Friday, June 4, 2010

Rendezvous with Islay Mist

We met up with our friends from the Shetland Islands on Tuesday at the anchorage behind Isola di Porri. The wind was against us, so it was slow going the last 15 miles to reach the Tulloch family on Islay Mist (which we learned is pronounced "eye lay" not "is lay"), but they were a bit surprised to see us so early in the afternoon. The anchorage was beautiful but still windy when we arrived, so John put out two anchors in a series as we've done before. It gives a nice, secure feeling, and Islay Mist had two anchors out too.

It was fun catching up with the adventures of Ali, Linda and their little girls, Alisha and Kayly (whose names I've no doubt misspelled, sorry). They spent the winter in Barcelona and then went along the coast of France and northern Italy before cutting across to Elbe, Corsica and down to Sardinia. The girls were disappointed that Marzen didn't want to play with them, but we tried to make up for it with sweets. Now Islay Mist is headed to Sicily with more stops in Sardinia, and we're headed to Rome. It looks good for meeting up again somewhere in Sicily in a week or so.

Our anchorage was pretty far from a town, but we took the super dinghy into Aranci to do a little provisioning, just to be sure that we have enough food for our overnight passage. It's a cute little fishing town only lightly touched by tourism. There we tried our first authentic focaccia and were surprised to find it crispy. They also sell a thicker, more bread like version, but we liked the crispy a lot and bought more on our way out of town. We're looking forward to Rome and more tasty Italian treats.

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