Friday, February 11, 2011

Exploring Grenada

Time flies when you're having fun, and there's a lot to catch up with. I'm visiting family and friends in Portland, Oregon, right now, but John and Märzen stayed behind in Grenada on Solstice. John sent me photos, though, for this post about Grenada.

After we dropped the sail on our approach to the anchorage at Prickly Bay, Grenada, we were wondering how we were going to find our friends among all the boats anchored there. Luckily, Avocette was anchored just across from the Prickly Bay Marina, and Chris and Roy pointed out an available spot right next to them. Great!

Grenada makes clearing in and out as easy as possible by locating their customs and immigration offices where most of the boats go, and that includes Prickly Bay. On our way into the office we spotted Jinja coming up the channel to the anchorage, and on our way back to the boat, we saw Free Spirit. We knew that at least three boats full of friends were where we were. Later we also found Transcendence and learned that Alua was just a couple of bays over at Clarks Court Marina. Our first night was a Friday, and there was a steel band and a rock band both playing at the Prickly Bay Marina. Alua came over, and we had a mini-reunion of the boats who had left Mindelo together. It was difficult to be heard over the bands, but it was fun anyway.

During our two and a half years in Europe, we were often by ourselves. The cruiser-camaraderie of Grenada was very welcome. There's even a cruiser net on VHF Channel 68 six mornings a week where social events, restaurant specials, and “treasures of the bilge” to buy or sell are announced—and also the weather. What a treat!

From our base in Prickly Bay, Jinja quickly arranged a tour of the island. Jinja didn't plan to stay too long in Grenada since they'll be heading back across the Atlantic at the end of the season and have many miles to cover and islands to see before then. Free Spirit joined us, and we had a lovely day. Besides the beautiful island views, we visited a nutmeg co-op, a waterfall, a cocoa estate, a rum distillery, and ate local specialties for lunch.

View of St. George

The Carenage at St. George

Concord falls

Shirlee at the waterfall

Fishermen at work

Osprey hunting

Water power at River Antoine Distillery

Still from Louisville, KY

Cocoa drying at Belmont Estate

During the following week before my flight to Portland, we continued to relax, socialize, and explore. Too soon it was time for Avocette, who had picked up guest crew/friend Sue, to move on. Then Jinja left too. When I flew over the bay, Free Spirit and Transcendence were still there.

Peter and Nelly of Alua helped John move Solstice to a Med-moor slip at the Grenada Yacht Club the following week. From the photos that John posted on Facebook, it looks like they had a beautiful day for it.

Sailboat race between Prickly Bay and Grenada Yacht Club

Sunset at the Grenada Yacht Club

I'll be in Portland for another week before I fly back to the warmth of Grenada.

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