Monday, March 28, 2011

Sailing to Martinique

We had a fun, fast sail Saturday from Rodney Bay to Cul-de-Sac du Marin. Once we cleared the point at Pigeon Island, we killed the engine and sailed for the next three hours until we reached our turn into Le Marin, which was directly into the wind, of course. Somehow the squalls along the way passed in front of us or behind us, and we threaded our way through the maze of anchored boats into the mouth of the Baie des Cyclones in sunshine, set the anchor, got the sail cover on, and were comfortably settled before the first deluge hit. It's been a series of downpours ever since. We took advantage of one of the biggest to take freshwater showers. That was a treat after weeks of saltwater baths followed by freshwater rinses. Yes, we have a separate shower on board, but like many cruisers in tropical climes, we use it for storage.

We've made a veterinarian's appointment for Märzen for Tuesday morning. Her ears have been bothering her ever since Grenada. We've done what we could for her, but now that she can get off the boat legally (it's France, you know), we're going to get her checked out. The vet speaks English.

Free wireless Internet here in Le Marin is courtesy of Mango Bay Bistro. It wasn't working on Sunday, but today it's OK.

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