Saturday, April 19, 2008

Isla Mujeres

Pangas on the main beach

We’ve been here at the El Milagra Marina on Isla Mujeres since Sunday, and we’re enjoying taking it easy in the comfortable weather here. The cold front has passed, and boats started leaving here the other day, first those heading south and then yesterday the first northbound boat left. We could leave too, but we’ve decided to linger until Monday.

Yesterday we rented a golf cart to tour the island. It’s really flat here, so golf carts work well. Today we visited the grocery store and stocked up on food before returning the golf cart. The store is within walking distance, but it’s a bit of a hike, especially toting groceries since the folding dock cart was crushed in a taxi’s trunk in Huatulco. (It’s on the list of things to replace in Florida.)

The highlight of yesterday’s tour was a visit to a Mayan temple ruin at the southern tip of the island. We knew the ruin was there, and it frankly wasn’t that impressive. But it’s at the end of a sculpture garden, and that was totally unexpected. There’s also a walkway around the point near the water where the breakers crash against the reef. It’s the most eastern point in Mexico. Very cool.

Mayan temple ruin

One of the sculptures at Punte Sur
Rocky Punte Sur

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