Monday, November 12, 2007

Another day in Cabo

Today was provisioning day for the trip to Mazatlan. The wind was from the east this morning, the water was very choppy, and another boat was swinging uncomfortably close to us, so we pulled the anchor. Rather than trying to re-anchor and then launch the dinghy, we did a moving launch because John piloted Solstice into the harbor to get out of the chop. By “launch” I mean getting into the dinghy and untying it from the mothership. It wasn’t any easier on the people (Martha and me) to launch while moving, but it was easier on the dinghy than repeatedly crashing into the big boat would have been.

The shopping trip was my first real Mexican adventure. After a couple of other errands, we asked which bus to take to Costco. (Yes, there is one in Cabo, and Martha’s a member.) It seemed simple enough so we went to the bus stop to wait. There were other people there, so we were sure we were in the right place, but no buses were stopping there. After a while, there was some discussion among the potential passengers, and most of them left. Finally, the remaining guy asked where we were going. When we said “Costco,” he told us that we needed to go to the bus stop a block up the street. We eventually got it all sorted out and even found out in advance how much it would cost in case the driver didn’t make change (he did). The ride was fairly comfortable even though the bus wasn’t air conditioned. The windows were open so there was a nice breeze, and we were on paved roads so it wasn’t too dusty.

Costco is Costco, and it’s air conditioned, so we took our time. Knowing that we’d have to lug everything we bought onto the boat from a bouncing dinghy, I practiced restraint, but we still bought more than we really needed. Martha was game to take the bus back, but I firmly insisted that we take a taxi. The transfer of goods to Solstice was challenging, but the three of us made it work and didn’t drop anything.

When we got up this morning, we planned to leave Cabo this afternoon. After our adventure, though, we decided to take it easy for the rest of the day. We have decent enough wi-fi at anchor (but not good enough for a real conversation with Mom via Skype this morning). In the south of the border spirit of things, maƱana is soon enough to go.


PS: Check out the earlier post on flying dinghies and the one before that. With the wi-fi here, I've been able to add some photos.


Anonymous said...

Love the dingy story--you both look great in the tie-die t-shirts!

We're thinking of you,
Marcy, Dave and Franzel

Richard & Andrea Black said...

Hi Folks, So how did the Sceptres do in the race finish - did any of you score higher than 3rd place? We took a 2nd (a high honor) in our class, which was a big surprise because I dialled back the racing energy in the first leg when I realized the crew wasn't into racing like I was. We didn't fly the chute that much and used the motor when it was light. So I was really surprised when we got a 2nd!
How did the Sceptres do?
Richard & Andrea Black - S/V Saeta