Sunday, April 13, 2008

Arrived Ahead of the Cold Front

The front we beat

We have arrived in Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) in Yucatan, Mexico. We beat the advancing cold front and the wind, rain, and building seas it will cause. The front is forecast for 20 knots from the north, which is opposed to the 2 knot current in the Yucatan Channel. The wind opposite the current will build up nine foot very steep wave. These waves would have been mostly on our beam and not comfortable.

It feels good to be back in Mexico. Almost like coming home back to the land of good food. On our first outing on the island we found a sidewalk BBQ stand. We purchased two orders of BBQ pork ribs with tortillas, beans, coleslaw, and salsa for seven dollars. The ribs are done with a chile and salt dry rub the coleslaw is cabbage with cilantro and jalapeƱo. Ah the flavors of Mexico! I'm sure there will be much more Mexican goodness to come.

We should be here about a week. We need to wait out the north winds before we head to Key West, Florida.


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