Friday, April 11, 2008

Underway again

Grand Cayman was a nice place to visit and easy and cheap to clear in and out of. Actually, clearance is free if you do it during regular business hours. It's about the only thing that's inexpensive on the island, though. The people are very friendly and welcoming, but the prices are quite high. We did a little provisioning at a very nice store that was full of good things we hadn't seen in months, like Pepperidge Farm cookies, because our one visit to a restaurant cost us $45 US for two glasses of wine and a shared appetizer.

We wanted to stay a couple more days, and it wasn't the prices that scared us off. The long-range weather forecast (five-day) shows a front approaching from the north, and we definitely want to be across the Yucatan Channel at Isla Mujeres before northerly winds show up. By leaving Georgetown this morning, we should beat the front by more than a day. So far the winds are lighter than we had hoped, but we are sailing.

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