Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Departure delayed

No sooner had I posted on Sunday than John decided that we would leave Wednesday instead of Tuesday. That remained the plan until we met last night with the other boats in the “mini rally” and took a look at the updated forecasts. Now Thursday is the day we all plan to go.

We can thank Jim on Orinoco for lining us up with the “mini rally,” which includes two other boats Jim met while on the mooring buoys at Las Olas. The others are American single-hander David on Ventura and Brits Paul and Liz on Aphrodite. Thanks to David’s organizational flare, we have a radio schedule with three frequencies and email addresses for everyone already. Moms should be relieved to know we won’t be alone out there.

In other news, our good friends in San Francisco Caroline and Andrew Roth have welcomed baby Julian into their little family. Caroline and I worked together at Epiphany, and Andrew did an outstanding job selling our house for us so that we could go adventuring. Julian already has a website. It’s a high-tech family.

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