Saturday, May 10, 2008

Riverwalk, Fort Lauderdale

Yesterday we rented a car and went to Miami to pick up the 112 pounds of stuff that we had had shipped to our address at Although they charge a pick-up fee, we still saved enough to pay for the car rental. A bonus was that we got to meet the owners’ son, Carlos, who seems to manage the place. We had been thinking about changing mail-forwarding services, but after talking with him, I think we’ll stay put. It’s a hassle to change addresses, and it turns out that offers more services than are apparent from their website.

Among the mundane items we’d ordered were a couple of more exciting things: John’s new camera and my new wireless antenna. John’s camera survived a salt-water dunking on the west coast of Vancouver Island, but lately it’s been going haywire. It’s been making him crazy, so the new camera is what we got with the economic incentive rebate (which we haven’t yet received), putting us firmly in the minority (as usual) of people who are spending the money. It’s a Japanese camera, but we used a U.S. retailer and our Bank of America credit card for the transaction, so we hope it helped.

SE 3rd Avenue Bridge

This photo is of a sailboat coming through the bridge that we didn’t have to go through. It is very pretty here. The area is called the Riverwalk, and although there isn’t much right on the river, we’re only a bridge and a block from Las Olas Boulevard, which seems to be the happening place here.

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