Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter wonderland

Photo credits go to the Stocks family: Sydney for the house and Mike for the cars. It's their house and cars. Doesn't the house look pretty?

Portland is tired of the snow. I'm pretty sure I can speak for everyone on this subject. It's beautiful, but we have shopping to do! Yesterday Sydney and I walked to the grocery store, mostly because she wanted to go for a walk. Today we're supposed to have a 24-hour break in the snow (but not the freezing temperatures), and Mom wants to drive to the mall. We'll see. She doesn't have chains because no one was expecting this, and the people who sell chains are all sold out.

Meanwhile, I feel very lucky to have arrived when I did. More than a hundred flight in and out of Portland International Airport were cancelled yesterday, and people have been stranded there for days. Kevin Stocks (Mike and Sydney's nephew) has been trying to get here from Minneapolis since Saturday. He's trying again tomorrow.

John had a great time at the Solstice party in Amsterdam on Sunday. He said he met lots of interesting people. And the weather there is much better than it is here.


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