Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year, Everyone!

From John in Amsterdam with ice all the way across the canal and amazing private fireworks displays.

And from Shirlee enjoying visiting with family in Portland where the snow is almost gone.

We'll be together again in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks, planning for the next year's adventures.

Hope this finds you all healthy and optimistic about the year to come.


Caroline, Andrew, and Julian Roth said...

Happy Birthday, John! (And Hi, Shirlee!!) Can't wait for new photos from the tulip gardens near Amsterdam. John, eat some stroopwaffles to celebrate your day (and, of course, help yourself to a FABULOUS bottle of vino).

Thinking of you both,
Caroline, Andrew, and Baby Julian

Richard & Andrea Black said...

Happy New Year, Y'all - where ever you may happen to find yourselves. We are recovering from the death-flu that's been all over Europe this year and now getting ready for more party time. It's great to discover that Spain is cheaper than the States, even with the exchange rate. It hasn't been too cold here, either.
Have a great new year,
Richard and Andrea from Saeta