Monday, October 15, 2007

An extra day in Newport Bay

Yesterday our generator quit working. Due to a combination of factors, John suspected the worst: a burned-out alternator. When he climbed into the lazarette to investigate, though, he discovered that a connector had broken (due to metal fatigue from the vibration, we suspect). That’s a much easier fix, so we’re spending an extra night on the mooring here to take care of it. We’ll head on to San Diego tomorrow afternoon.

This morning we got up early to have breakfast with a former colleague and friend, Cam Woods. Cam grew up on Balboa Island, and from his stories, it sounds like living here really is as great as it appears to be. I met Cam years ago when Epiphany acquired his sales force automation company, Moss Software. The Moss guys were some of the most impressive engineers at Epiphany and they were really fun to work with, as well. Now Cam and another former Moss guy, Ryan Reid, have their own small company. I’m happy to report that they’re doing well, as those who know them would expect.

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