Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It’s raining in San Diego

I’m not sure they’re calling it rain, but it’s definitely wet, wetter than the usual marine layer. We arrived here early this morning and stalled until the Harbor Police office opened at 0800 so that we could check in. As part of the Baja Ha-Ha, there’s a free anchorage we could use, but it seems pretty far from the heart of the action. Of course, we aren’t sure where the heart of the action will be yet, but other cruisers think it isn’t there. All of the facilities in San Diego seem really spread out to me.

For now, we’re at the transient dock on Shelter Island. We can stay here for a maximum of 10 days. So far, we’ve only paid for two. The wi-fi here is dodgy for John with his amplifier and antenna. For me, so far, it’s not happening at all. There is power and water on the dock, restrooms and showers on the shore, and the cost is extremely reasonable. That’s all good, except our power isn’t working, but that's OK because the generator is fixed again. When it stops raining, we’ll go out and see if we can find the action.

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