Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year, everyone!

We haven’t made it to the Lighthouse for our Internet connection for a few days, so today I’ve posted two entries (assuming I actually get this posted today). It turns out that we can’t see the Lighthouse router from the dock, and the heat makes us lazy.

Most of the gringo population of Marina Chahué celebrated New Year’s Eve last night with a potluck hosted by Black Dog II. John made his famous tomato-avocado salad, and I made deviled eggs (I had a craving). Jan and Joan brought curried shrimp, and all of the other food was good too. It was a fun cruiser gathering. Later in the evening a young Mexican family joined us, Victor and Christina and their children Richard and Sara. I think John will be seeking them out later because Victor is a professor of quantum physics, and that’s a field that fascinates John.

Two more boats have joined us here, both from San Francisco, so that the San Francisco population now equals the Seattle one. They are Fayaway and Kokopelli. See saw Fayaway on our here and talked with them on the VHF radio, so they gave us a shout as they came into the dock. Kokopelli says “Santa Cruz, CA” on the stern, and she’s a Santa Cruz 40, so I asked the skipper (Kevin) if he knows Lou Pombianco. He does, so I asked him to say hello for us. I really enjoy the small-world feel of the sailing and cruising community, in case you couldn’t tell.

We’re still planning to go to Oaxaca, but we won’t be going with Jan and Joan after all. They’re cruising to a schedule because they want to meet Jan’s sister while she’s vacationing in Costa Rica, so they’re going to fly to Oaxaca tomorrow. There are no seats on the bus today, and probably not tomorrow either, so it looks like we’ll go Thursday. (We’ll go to the bus station today for our tickets and reservations.) It doesn’t look to us like the Tehuantepec will calm down by Saturday after all, so we have time. The days we linger here will simply shorten our stay somewhere else or cause us to hurry more later.

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S/V Jammin said...

Happy New Year from Jammin. We are back in Mazatlan for a short time then on to PV. Have a great New Year and I figured out how to add video and pictures to my blog. You'd be proud of me. Dave and Helen