Sunday, January 20, 2008

The transmission is in Guatemala

I just realized that I haven't posted anything since the transmission shipped from Seattle. It has arrived in Guatemala City, but it didn't get here until Friday. So now, we don't know if DHL will deliver it here or if we have to go get it. The city is a couple of hours from here, but Santiago will take us if we need to go. At least, we should have it and be able to get it installed this week. We're getting tired of being at the dock here and are looking forward to moving on.

Our mail was also forwarded from Florida. This time it was shipped via Federal Express. It has also arrived in Guatemala City, but the tracking info says we're out of the delivery area. The sport fishing guys say that Fed Ex definitely delivers here. I've e-mailed Fed Ex, but haven't received an answer. I'm hesitant to call because I don't think my Spanish is up to it. I guess we'll know more tomorrow.

We've heard from Casteele. They're in Costa Rica now and taking it easy. It would be nice to catch up with them again before we go our different ways in Panama.

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S/V Jammin said...

Wow we just got e-mail for today. hope you get your transmission soon. I can't imagine trying to get anything done down there it is had enough here in Mexico. Good luck Dave and Helen