Saturday, January 26, 2008

No news is, well, no news

The transmission is still stuck in customs. Thursday they (customs according to DHL) wanted two more documents from the marina. Friday morning those documents were in DHL's hands, but we were unable to reach Dayana (the woman from the marina who is helping us) later in the day to learn more. DHL tracking still shows it as held for customs clearance. Dayana will be at the marina again on Monday, so we'll talk with her then.

Meanwhile, I've contacted citizens' services at the US embassy here via e-mail asking for their advice. I'm sure they can't or won't do anything directly, but I'm hoping they can direct us to someone who can help.

The longer we're stuck here, the less likely we'll be able to reach Florida in time for the ARC Europe rally. Our allowance for weather-related delays in the Caribbean is already pretty small. We're starting to think about Plan B.

I'll post again when there is real news.

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