Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Atlantic Crossing 2nd Leg Day 10 -Crossed the Continental Shelf

Today we crossed the line the marks the continental shelf. On EU charts it is the 200-meter depth line; on US charts it is the 100-fathom line. When we approached the line there were two large fishing boats working the line. In stormy weather the seas can build up rather large breaking waves at and inside the 100-fathom line. However, today was easy with 15 knots from the SE driving us toward Europe.

Today has been a tacking drill. Our desired course is ESE and the wind has been SE most of the day. So we have been tacking back and forth over our rhumb line to get east. Our northerly tack had us pointing at Ireland early in the day. Later in the afternoon the northerly tack had us headed to Wales. The wind is now backing to the NE so our southerly tack has become our favored tack. Eventually the wind is to back to westerlies.

All is well aboard Solstice.

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