Friday, July 4, 2008

The rest of our friends have arrived

This morning Märzen and I walked to the reception dock on the off chance that our friends would have arrived. Sure enough, Ventura, Aphrodite, and Orinoco were already at the dock, and we gave Saeta a hand tying up. Ventura and Orinoco will be rafting up a couple of rafts behind us, and Aphrodite has a slip across the way. When we leave here, the four of us will be traveling together to the English Channel. There the rest will go to England while we go to France and on to Holland. We aren't sure yet when we're leaving, but we're hoping in about a week. Now that everyone is here, we can go sightseeing around this island and Pico across the way.

Oh, yes, and happy 4th of July! And happy birthday, Tom!

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