Monday, July 21, 2008

Atlantic Crossing 2nd Leg Day 8 - We're Sailing!

We have wind today and we are sailing wing on wing headed for Normandy. When I went forward to set the pole for the jib, I noticed a piece of a cotter pin on the deck by the mast. Whenever you find something like that, look up and find what's breaking or broken. The cotter pin fragment was from the pin that holds the boom to the gooseneck on the mast, and it had worked its way half out. Shirlee started the engine and started motoring downwind to reduce motion then we dropped the sail. I held the boom in place, and Shirlee pounded the pin back in with a mallet. Once back in, I secured it with a new cotter pin. That was today's excitement.

Yesterday a routine 24-hour oil check and inspection of the engine revealed that the alternator belt was starting to unravel. First, I got out the parts inventory to see where the spare belt was located. It could be in one of six buried lockers. Shirlee then cleared out the top half of the galley deep locker, and I dove in and found a replacement belt. Then during the daily net with Southbound II, I changed the belt. That was yesterday's excitement. Yes, the excitement and glamor of world cruising.

Today has been good and easy downwind sailing. We have been averaging 5 knots and may be in Cherbourg by Saturday. We are staying north to keep the SW winds with us an extra day.

All is well aboard Solstice.

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