Saturday, May 23, 2009

Büdelsdorf Yacht Club

We entered the Kiel canal lock at the Elbe river at 13:00 today. We were the last to enter the crowded lock and rafted to an Oceanis from Denmark. From the lock we motor-sailed for seven hours and 20 minutes covering 71 kilometers to the town of Rendsburg. We are tied up at the Budelsdorf Yacht Club. They charge one euro per meter plus one eruo for electricity and water is included. That is a very good moorage deal.

We walked up to the club house and introduced ourselves to a gentleman walking up a dock towards us. Shirlee bravely started a conversation in German. We found out that he is not the harbor master, they don't have a bar, and that we were invited for beer in the picnic area with his fellow club members. Shirlee did great a great job of conversing in German with the assembled club members. It was a wonderful introduction to life on the Kiel Canal.


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