Thursday, May 21, 2009

Holiday Weekend In Helgoland

Helgoland is a holiday island. It has some beaches, clean water and air, hotels, restaurants, and VAT/duty free shopping.

Last night in the inner harbor we were the second boat in a five boat raft up. Today we are anchored in the outer harbor because we are leaving for the mainland at 5:00 AM to ride the tide into the Elbe river. This afternoon and evening we have seen a steady stream of sailboats entering the inner harbor.

If you look at Helgoland on Google Earth you'll see boats rafted 10 deep. We are sure that they are rafted that deep tonight. It's 21:00 and boats are still arriving, sailing hard to wind into the outer harbor. I'm sure they are cold after seven hours of sailing in the North Sea. I can see these sailors rafting up as quickly as possible, going to shore and the closest Duty Free store and getting a liter of Vat 69 for nine euro, and partying like it's Ascension Day.


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