Thursday, May 14, 2009

Repairs made; waiting for weather

Monday the repaired generator was delivered to the boat, and John got it reinstalled. It was a challenge because the location of the genset is very awkward. Then when we tried to start it, John discovered a short in the system in a totally different location. But he fixed that too. I’m so impressed with all of the abilities John has developed since we started sailing.

Meanwhile, Dandelion (Andrew, Kerry, and toddler Zelma Smith) caught up with us and is now moored behind us. We’re all waiting on weather. It’s been really windy with winds from the east, which is the way we want to go. This morning is looks like we could have made it out to the Frisian islands today, but yesterday the forecast called for more wind than we have now, so no one got up in time to get all the way out there (26 nautical miles with three bridges and a lock in the first 10 miles). Gale-force winds are forecast for tomorrow, so we’re thinking that Saturday will be the day. I hope.

The Dandelion Smith family in Amsterdam

We’re still enjoying Franeker and discovering new things. Yesterday Andrew told about another supermarket that we hadn’t found. And on our way to check it out, John noticed an open gate with a path. It turns out to be a municipal garden that also forms a nice shortcut to the main shopping square. I’d seen the gate before, but it was always closed.

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