Monday, June 8, 2009

Anchored in former East Germany

The last two nights we've spent at anchor in the Pötenitzer Wiek, a bay on the east side of the Trave River. That means that it used to be in East Germany since the Trave was the boundary here. As a great fan of thrillers and spy novels, I'm impressed by this. I look around and see all the open countryside that you'd have to cross to get to the river. And the river here is pretty wide. Is that abandoned building an old border watch tower, I wonder.

We first anchored in the Dassower See just south of here following the recommendation of the Cruising Guide to Germany and Denmark, which is the only guide we could find in English. We were relaxing and enjoying the scenery when a little fishing boat came up to us and told us that we couldn't anchor there. It's a nature reserve, which we knew, but our charts didn't say we couldn't anchor. He was very nice, loves Florida, and just wanted to tell us before the police did.

With nothing much to do at anchor, we've been taking it easy, looking at the charts for Denmark that we bought at Ancora, and working on photo pages. John got 11 new ones ready while we were at our last anchorage, and I just had to do my part. I'll upload them the next time we have good Internet, but that might not be until we're back at Ancora.

We had thought to go on to Lübeck this afternoon. It's only about 11 miles from here. But the weather is gray and rainy, and pictures and video are so much better when the sun is out, so we might just spend another night here and hope for nicer weather tomorrow.

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