Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stettiner Yacht-Club and Lübeck

We’re leaving in an hour or so after three nights at the Stettiner Yacht-Club (StYC) at Bad Schwartau near Lübeck. To anyone following in our wake, this is another small yacht club that we can highly recommend. They’re very welcoming to guests, the facilities are nice, and it’s close enough to shopping and the train station. The boxes have relatively new rubberized pilings, and they’re all the same size meant to accommodate boats up to 15 meters long and 4.5 meters wide. Best of all for us, they charge the same rate no matter your size, and electricity, showers, and wireless Internet is included. Drinking water is also supposed to be included, but the hose bibs on the dock all say that it isn’t drinking water, so I don’t know what’s up with that. It’s possibly a regulatory issue, but we didn’t need water and didn’t ask about it.

Lübeck skyline from the water

Famous Holstentor entering Lübeck

Lübeck is worth the train ride. It’s a very old city (12th century) and on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. We visited three of the five major churches: Jacobikirche, Marienkirche, and the Dom. The Dom (cathedral) is the oldest, Marienkirche the largest, and Jacobikirche has the most spectacular interior. The Rathaus and Markt are also impressive. Bruges is still at the top of our list of medieval cities, though. Lübeck suffered extensive bombing in 1942 and, although the churches have been restored, little attempt seems to have been made to preserve the character of the old city in the new construction.

Impressive market

Talented dog

Pretty view from boat tour

We’re heading back to Ancora Marina in Neustadt today. We’ll hang out there for a few days to prepare for our crossing to Denmark. Strong westerlies are forecast starting tomorrow, and they push the water east so that everything gets shallower (the water is already very shallow around Denmark). It looks like they’ll calm down around the first of the week, so that’s probably when we’ll head north again.

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