Monday, June 15, 2009

Klintholm, Denmark

We arrived this morning about 10 o'clock at this little fishing village on the island of Møn after sailing almost all of the way from Neustadt, about 90 nautical miles. The wind was lighter than forecast when we set out and stronger than forecast when we reached Denmark. As the one who had the midnight to 3 a.m. watch, I can now confirm that the sun's glow never completely disappears from the sky here at this time of year.

On the passage we had a good chance to use our new AIS (automatic identification system) receiver and software, which gives us the name, course and speed of commercial traffic and anyone else transmitting AIS information. The software displays the information in a radar view on the computer at the nav station and includes the estimated time and distance for closest approach. Our radar does some of this, but when you're bouncing around on the waves, the images bounce and closest approach info from our radar is next to useless.

Sadly, the compact flash disk for the camera has failed. The only photos of Lübeck that we'll have are the ones I already posted. We looked at CF disks in Neustadt for the chartplotter (so that we could update its system), but we thought they were too expensive. At the time, we didn't know how much we needed one. Now we'll definitely have to find one in Copenhagen.

We're planning to stay here two nights, but we'll keep checking the weather. The wind has died down from this morning, and my old forecast showed light wind on Wednesday. There's no Internet in this town. The harbormaster says the closest Internet is 16 km away. Good thing we have the short-wave radio to keep in touch.

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