Friday, December 7, 2007

First Impressions

Barra de Navidad seemed like a good place to spend a few days, but we only had one night there. We spent it finding a safe place to anchor in the shallow lagoon. That took two attempts. Although we felt safe enough the first time, some cruisers who had been there for awhile came over and told us that we needed to put more chain out, and we couldn't do that safely where we were, so we had to move. By then it was time to have dinner, and after that, it was too dark to go into the town with our dinghy since we didn't know the water that well. The next morning was beautiful, and John got some great photos of the locals throwing their fishing nets in the lagoon. But it was time for us to move on to Manzanillo so that we could arrange to have our mail forwarded before the weekend.

When we came into the anchorage at Las Hadas, we saw a familiar boat. We'd seen the motor yacht Lazy Days from Long Beach when we were at Tenacatita. We didn't talk with them then but heard that they'd been through the Panama Canal a couple of times. This time we went right over and introduced ourselves. We're looking forward to talking more with Ron and Cheryl and benefiting from their experience in Central America and cruising in general.

The Las Hadas Resort is beautiful but strangely vacant. It was the setting for the movie 10, which introduced Bo Derek. That was a long time ago, and it's been renovated since then, but it still seems like it's past its prime, especially around the marina. Storefronts and restaurants around the marina are vacant now. We're paying $15/day to use the dinghy dock and facilities of the resort. For that we're also supposed to get a discount at the restaurants. It's a nice anchorage and fairly convenient, so it seems worth the money to us. We'll know more after we've been here for a few days.


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