Friday, December 28, 2007

The Lighthouse in Huatulco

We arrived at Marina Chahué about 11:00 this morning after a three-day passage from Zihuatanejo. John figures we averaged 4.5 knots. Although we were able to sail for brief periods, we mostly motored. It looks like we’ll be here for awhile. We have things to do (oil change, provisioning, laundry, boat washing), and by the time we’re done, big winds are predicted for the Tehuantepec. Maybe things will settle down again in a week.

Meanwhile, this seems to be a very nice place to be. We’re at a cantina called the Lighthouse, which caters to the cruising crowd (it’s a small crowd) and has free, secured wi-fi. Now that we have the key, we may be able to get it from the boat. If not, it’s a pleasant place to hang out.

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