Friday, December 14, 2007

Still waiting for the mechanic

I guess we were a little overly optimistic about the mechanic. He did come to the boat yesterday and looked at our problem. He confirmed that it was what John said it was (a leak between the fuel injection pump and the controller), but he was still tied up with another repair and couldn’t get to us until mañana. It’s almost noon on mañana now, and we still haven’t heard from him. We checked in with Ruben around 10:00 and then went to breakfast (with our handheld VHF radio on so that we wouldn’t miss the call). On our way back to the boat, Ruben was away from his office. It’s starting to get frustrating now. We think the problem will be relatively simple to fix (it is a boat, after all) if we could just get the guy to do it.

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