Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We’re back…

at Las Hadas anchorage. We were about 40 miles down the coast last night, motoring after the winds died, when the automatic bilge pump kicked in. Considering that we were in flat seas, John had to investigate. It turned out that we had developed a leak by the fuel injection pump that we had had rebuilt in Olympia last winter. A significant amount of diesel was going into the bilge instead of into the engine. We were still much closer to Manzanillo than to Zihuatenejo, so we turned around. We anchored here again around 5 a.m.

Ruben, the harbor master here, knows a mechanic and tried to get him out to the boat today. The job he was on turned out to take longer than expected, so now we should see the mechanic tomorrow morning. Things on a boat are bound to break, and we’re just glad that this happened near where we can get it fixed relatively easily. Tom on Volcano was impressed that we found a mechanic so quickly, and though we’ve yet to set eyes on him, so are we. We don’t know how long this repair will take, but we’re safe in a nice harbor, so we aren’t too stressed about it.

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