Friday, February 8, 2008

Confusion in Costa Rica

We made it from Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua, to Golfito, Costa Rica, five hours ahead of projections thanks to wind in southern Nicaragua/northern Costa Rica and favorable currents most of the rest of the way. We're on a mooring buoy at Land & Sea Services, where we were under strict instructions to say hello to Tim and Katie from Larry and Ken on Julia. Message delivered. Tim said he'd write to Larry and Ken and say hello back.

Our lack of Spanish has caused some confusion here. We followed the instructions in the Rains guide and called "Base Naval" when we reached the channel into Golfito. There was no answer, so we then called "Caribee" to reach Land & Sea, again according to Rains. But then the Coast Guard answered in Spanish. It was all very confusing, and the instructions in Rains didn't help. Finally, a kind soul who was monitoring the radio acted as translator between us and the Coast Guard, and we were told to go on to Land & Sea, and they would meet us there.

Then we tried "Caribee" again. This time Katie answered and was surprised at the hail because they haven't used "Caribee" in years. It's the name of their old boat. I'll be sure to pass that info on to the people on the Yahoo Southbound group. Also, although Tim had someone call to confirm that the port captain (or someone) was coming here to start our clear-in process. No one showed up. Finally, at 3:45 (they close at 4:00), I asked if we should go to them. Sure enough, someone else had told someone here that they weren't coming here after all, but no one delivered the message. So John rushed off to take care of that because I had my computer out and didn't want to take the time to put it away. John's back now, so there will be more later about our adventures in Costa Rica so far.

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