Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lazing around in Golfito

It’s hot and humid here, and we don’t feel much like doing anything. We spent the weekend taking it easy: going to Land & Sea for television, Internet, and companionship, and to get off the hot boat in the afternoons. Saturday evening we had pizza delivered. That was a treat.

Märzen gets to go ashore too as there are four other dogs that hang out there. At first, she was shy, quiet, and well-behaved. Now she thinks she owns the place and has to bark to tell everyone to watch out. The other dogs are barky too (three of them are little, not much bigger than Märzen), so Tim and Katie are used to the noise and don’t seem to mind.

We’ve met interesting people from a couple of boats here. Dream Away (Graham and Avril) is from the UK. They’re five and a half years into their voyage and bound for San Carlos in the Sea of Cortez on this leg. They sailed around Cape Horn rather than going through the Canal. That’s what John would like to do sometime. We’ll see about that. I’m not sure where Clair de Lune (Jan and George) is from. They’ve been going back and forth between Central America and Ecuador for about five years now.

Today we’re checking out, settling our accounts, and provisioning so that we can leave at high tide tomorrow morning (around 0700) and take advantage of the ebb all the way out of Golfo Dulce. We will just miss Casteele; they're going to arrive here tomorrow afternoon. We have planned four stops between here and Balboa, so it should be a nice trip.

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