Friday, November 7, 2008

It’s good to be American

In the week after we elected Barak Obama to be our next president, it’s good again to be American. On the tram home from the election night party I carried one of the paper U.S. flags that had decorated the tables. People noticed. Many said, “Obama,” and smiled. We said “Yes!” and grinned broadly.

While waiting for the tram we got our first text message of congratulations from Maria, who was getting ready for work. We heard from all of the rest of our Dutch friends before the end of the day, either by e-mail or in person.

The Dutch were always friendly to Americans, but now when they hear our accents, they ask if we’re happy about Obama. Of course we are, and they let us know that they are too.

(Can you find us in the photo? We're towards the back and against the wall. The woman next to me is from Kentucky, but we know she voted the right way.)

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eliza said...

You betcha I voted the right way! We really enjoyed sharing the build-up of the night with you and John. Hope to bump into you two again real soon.
Best wishes from the Kentucky gal Eliza and her Dutch friend Laura