Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Too busy celebrating to blog

As the countdown to west coast poll closing started on CNN, it was echoed here in Amsterdam. When we got to zero and CNN announced that Obama is the president elect, the room went wild. Champagne was passed, toasts were made, cheering and chanting went on until McCain's concession speech. It was received with respect except for occasional outbursts of applause.

It was great to get a comment on the blog from Mom's family room. I'm sure you're all as happy as we are. A telling comment here was, "Now we can be proud again to be Americans." Everyone here is thrilled, and I was getting text messages from Dutch friends all afternoon wishing us the best, so I know the rest of the world heaved a huge sigh of relief as well.

We'll be hanging out here to see if the California voters do the right thing on Prop 8. We only get to vote the federal ballot, so we couldn't help with that. Congratulations to Colorado for their good sense in defeating Prop 48.


Anonymous said...

The family room went wild too. What an incredible night and so wonderful to hear from you to make it a truly world event. It feels good to feel proud of our country again!

April said...

Wow, what a night!! When the AP called the election for Obama, neighbors in Berkeley started an impromptu parade with homemade drums, shouting "Obama!" There was lots of honking in the streets. What a great time to be an American!