Monday, April 13, 2009

Some photos of North Holland

As a taste of photo pages to come, and to illustrate our journey so far in 2009, John has provided these photos.

This is the Muiderslot in Muiden, our first stop outside Amsterdam. This is the nicest castle I’ve seen so far.

Next stop was Volendam. Famous as something of a tourist trap, the town did have busloads of tourists from all countries (like these women from southern China) arriving off and on all day, but it was also very picturesque.

John took this picture of the main square in Hoorn from a window in the West Frisian Museum, itself housed in a 16th century building. It really is a beautiful town.

On a more mundane note, here’s a photo from our daily lives: Märzen watching intently as John fixes dinner. In this case, he was trimming mushrooms. Mushroom stems are one of Märzen’s favorite treats.

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