Monday, April 20, 2009


We finally left Enkhuizen around noon on Sunday and had a nice, short sail to Stavoren. It’s only 23 km away. The IJsselmeer was covered with sailboats when we started, everyone heading home on a Sunday afternoon, we suppose.

Today was fun. We rented a bike from the marina to go with the one we already have and set off into the countryside. I wanted to ride along the top of the dike, but the road was at the bottom of it and sheep pasture was on the top. Those lambs have a nice view. We found Rode Klif (red cliff), site of a famous battle between the Frisian and the Dutch. The Frisians won that round, and Willem the number-something-or-other was killed in battle at Stavoren. We also found a little cemetery where three Australians and a couple of Brits who died in WWII were buried.

Then we headed into town for groceries and a Frisian courtesy flag. We fly a Dutch courtesy flag, but below that we’ve been flying the flag of the city or province we’re in. So far, we’ve flown Amsterdam and Enkhuizen, but the Frisian flag goes up tomorrow.

We paid for two nights when we checked into the marina yesterday, but we may stay an extra day. The rates are only a little higher than we paid in Enkhuizen, but here electricity, water and shore showers are included, and that makes up for the price difference. Sjoerd will meet us somewhere in Friesland on Saturday, so we have time.

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