Saturday, April 11, 2009

We like Hoorn!

In Volendam we never did find free Wi-Fi, but we stayed an extra day anyway. John used the time without Internet to finish a bunch of photo pages. I read until he handed the pages over, and then I got to work. Thanks to free Internet in Hoorn, all of the new photos are up. You’ll find links to them on our Web site home page and photo index. Look in the left column under Recent Updates/Latest Additions.

Almost five years after we visited Hoorn with Jeffrey and Karan, we’re back in the Binnenhaven (inner harbor). This time it’s much different. Last night the harbor was completely full of boats. We were rafted up four deep and were lucky to be the second boat from the shore. Our shore-side neighbors live aboard and spent the winter here on their beautiful steel Baltic motor cruiser. Two German sailboats tied up outside of us. As we walked around the harbor, we saw no boats less than three deep and several were five deep. Keep in mind that it isn’t even summer yet. It is, however, a long weekend, so maybe that’s why it’s so crowded.

Today we visited two museums, thanks to our museum card, and explored the town some more. Inadvertently, we found the outdoor market when we walked down the street to see what the crowds were about. It’s a huge market, and we walked for blocks to get to the end of it before we went back to do our regular shopping at the supermarket. We stocked up for three days because we’re pretty sure that the store will be closed tomorrow (Sunday) and possibly Monday for the second Easter day.

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