Friday, January 7, 2011

Changing time

Passage to Barbados, day 10. For this passage we decided not to change our clocks as we pass through time zones. The Canary Islands are on UTC (Universal Time Coordinated), and that's also the time used for our various radio check-ins, so we decided to keep it. Now, more than halfway across the Atlantic, that means that the time on our clocks is out of sync with the sun. I used to have the sunrise and sunset watches from 6 to 9 morning and evening. I still have the same watches, but the sun now rises and sets after nine o'clock. I used to feed the dog on those watches, but now she eats on John's watches. There's a four-hour offset between Barbados and UTC, and we'll deal with that when we arrive.

We have continued to have good wind, although now we are also getting a little rain and a chance of squalls. Day 10 we sailed 166 nm on a course of 259 degrees. All is well aboard Solstice, but we were late checking in this morning and didn't hear Orinoco. Our friends on Aquila have arrived at Antigua, and Orinoco should be close to St. Lucia.

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Phil said...

Dear Shirlee and John:
I am, very much, enjoying your journaling of the passage to Barbados.
This morning the sunrise was stunning here on the northeast coast. I thought of you folks out there, somewhere, making excellent time by the way.
Hope all continues to go well as you reach the islands today or tomorrow. – Phil