Sunday, January 9, 2011


Passage to Barbados, day 12. Around noon today (UTC) we put a reef in the main sail (shortened the sail) because Herb's forecast called for winds a little greater than 20 knots during the day. Although we've seen a few higher gusts, the wind has stayed about 15-20 knots, but we haven't slowed very much by adding the reef. Unfortunately, we're still zigzagging a little because the wind is directly behind us when we head to our waypoint, and we simply aren't rigged to go straight downwind. From the forecasts and with the progress we're currently making, it looks like we'll reach Barbados before dark on Tuesday. A 14-day passage is excellent.

We did hear Orinoco on the net this morning. He was 110 miles from St Lucia then, so he should arrive tomorrow.

Day 12 stats: Much like the past few days, 163 nm bearing 257 degrees, 6.79 knot avg. Position at 1500 UTC Jan. 9 was 13°04.518'N, 054°16.974'W. All is well aboard Solstice, and the little dog's paw seems all better now too.

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peregrins2 said...

Holy mackerel! 14 days will be less than half of what it took us!