Sunday, January 2, 2011


Passage to Barbados, day 5. This afternoon John landed his first wahoo, a big tasty fish that he's been after since Mexico in 2007. (This occurred after the technical end of day 5, but it's too exciting to save for later.) We had planned to eat mahi-mahi for dinner, but had to try the wahoo instead. It was excellent! We may have enough fish for the rest of the passage. Certainly we have enough that the hand line has been rolled up and put away for a few days.

Day 5 stats: 134 nm made good on a course of 267 degrees. Our actual miles and speed were the same as yesterday. Our position at 1500 UTC Jan. 2 was 14°14.524'N, 035°09.539'W. All is well aboard Solstice and Orinoco. (In case you missed it and have been wondering, we're including Orinoco on behalf of our friend Jim and his friends.)

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