Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Go, Speed Racer!

Passage to Barbados, day 7. Sceptres (the kind of boat that Solstice is) are classified as performance cruisers, meaning that they're supposed to go pretty fast for as heavy as they are. We haven't seen much evidence of this with Solstice until this passage. But until now we haven't been going the same direction and maintaining contact with a lot of other cruising boats. Today we caught up with a Swiss boat that left Mindelo a few hours ahead of us, Alua. It was fun to get so close to another passage-making boat (we were less than a quarter mile apart), and we took lots of pictures of each others' boats. We'll trade when we meet again in Grenada. We're hoping that we'll also be able to catch up with our friends on Jinja. Now that we've stopped zigzagging, we're moving right along.

Our position at 1500 UTC was 13°41.699'N, 039°55.874'W. Our 24-hour distance was 155 nm at an average speed of 6.46 knots, bearing 268 degrees. All is well aboard Solstice and Orinoco.

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Added in Grenada: sample photos from our picture exchange with Alua.



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