Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cagliari, Italy

Most of the boat chores are done, but we’re going to spend an extra night because our propane tanks won’t be ready to pick up until this afternoon. It’s supposed to rain today, anyway, although from the skies this morning, that’s hard to imagine. Still, one thing we’ve learned about the Mediterranean is that the weather changes very rapidly.

The Marina di Sant’ Elmo has been a disappointment, but maybe our expectations were too high based on a letter in one of the Commodores’ Bulletins from the Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA). Different cruisers experience places differently; we know that. We do get a 10% discount as members of SSCA, but the very nice staff of the marina hasn’t been all that helpful on some specific questions such as Internet or WiFi access and the propane tank question. And some things have changed since the other cruisers were here making it a little confusing since we don’t know Italian. I’ll send an update to the SSCA.

Meanwhile, we have found an Internet café in the city center (Lamari, Via Napoli 43,, but it’s a little expensive, so there will be delay before I get this posted because I’m writing it on the boat. And we have nice neighbors here at the dock. On one side is a French boat from Brittany, Tamanu, that is finishing a circumnavigation. On the other side is a Dutch boat with Jan and Josee, who say they’ve been following us since Sollyer, Mallorca. As it turns out, they were also in Lagos when we passed through and stopped in Cartagena this spring before we left.

Today we’re going to do some provisioning and maybe some sightseeing, as well as finish up some of our chores. As often happens, taking care of boat stuff and basic needs consumes much of our time.

P.S.—As I post this, the weather still looks good, so we're planning a barbecue this evening with our Dutch neighbors. We're providing the tuna, of course.

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peregrins2 said...

Hi! It's so nice to have our WiFi and now I have the time to read all your blogs cuz I have power 24/7!

We felt the same as you about Sant Elmo you know we were there out of season so we never left the free wall in town. But we did walk the propane tank down to the marina and they filled it for a whopping 25 Euros!!

A cruiser we know in the Gulf of Lyon right now just put "Mistral" up on her Facebook so it looks as if you may have escaped from that area just in time!

I just tried to open up your lamari link but it didn't function but it might be the same place we's got coffee, drinks, etc?? The owner speaks fluent English and is very nice and I managed usually to sit for a few hours using the Net for 2 cappucinos. I forgotten what he was charging for Internet though. In then end, it was MUCH MUCH MUCH more economical and so easy to use Alice Tim's USB stick for Internet! Look into it.

Have fun and keep up the blogs. I see you're thinking of the East side of Sardinia next, we only went to Olbia.