Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two tuna and 53 hours later

We're in Italy, well, Sardinia. For anyone else making the passage from Menorca to Sardinia: 7-9 p.m. seems to be dinnertime for tuna. That's about the time we got the hits, and I also noticed dolphin then. I guess John did a post about catching the first tuna, but I haven't seen it yet.

The people at Marina di Sant Elmo are nice, so far, but it's a bit of a challenge communicating with them. It isn't the language; we're managing with that. They rarely answer e-mail, though, and the phone number in the Mediterranean Almanac and the Italian Waters Pilot doesn't work. (I got the Italian equivalent of not functioning.) The number on the key fob they gave us is +39 (0) 70 344 156. In the SSCA Bulletin letter on the marina, that's their fax number. I haven't checked it to see if it actually works.

It took three tries on VHF Channel 74 to get a response. By then, the marina's dinghy was next to the boat, and they guided us in and helped us with our lines. We had no problems with our first Mediterranean mooring experience, so that was a relief. There's no Internet here, and we walked into town where we were told we could get Internet, and there wasn't any there either. It's Sunday, so we'll see if the regular weekday office staff has any better information. If not, we may have to do without for the duration of our stay here. We have a whole list of chores to take care of while we're at the dock, but we also hope to do some sightseeing.

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