Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good-bye, Ibiza

Well, the hippy market at Es Canar was a bust, but the anchorage was fine except for the occasional wake from a ferry or tour boat. We found something called Hippy Market, but it was closed at 11 a.m. Finally, we saw someone who appeared to have some authority and asked when the place was open. He replied, "It's always open. It's a hotel." "What about the hippy market?" we asked. He said it was only on Wednesdays. Since it was Friday, we shrugged and headed back to the boat.

We were able to get a few minutes of Internet time, though, while in Es Canar. We could see the wireless signal from the boat, but had to go ashore to connect. So we decided to continue on to Portinatx where Diane had said she was able to get wireless on the boat. It was only a few miles and put us closer to Mallorca anyway.

The anchorage at Portinatx was lovely. The resorts there are small and family-oriented. We anchored off 's Arenal, where we could see open wireless signals, but again couldn't connect to the Internet.

Instead, we relaxed and were entertained by the English families turning pink in their paddle boats and British guys who came in on a Bavaria 38 behind us. It didn't look to me like their anchor was set, but there wasn't much wind, and although they were too close to us, they weren't likely to drag our way. Pretty soon they had their dinghy in the water and were rowing ashore. When we looked a little later to see where they had landed the dinghy, we saw that they were back on the sailboat and much farther away from us-like not in the anchorage anymore. They must have noticed the boat dragging even before they got ashore. After that, they tried many times to get the anchor to set, only to drift back out of the cove. Finally, one of them rowed a second anchor out and set it. We saw the dinghy ashore later, but in the morning they were gone before dawn. I don't think they enjoyed it there as much as we did.

Now we've left Ibiza and are motor-sailing to Mallorca. When we get there, we'll find an anchorage for the night and then head to Soller tomorrow. From there we can take a train to Palma. We really liked Ibiza, but there's much more to see before we head west again.

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