Friday, May 28, 2010

Northbound on the east coast of Sardinia

We left Cagliari yesterday at noon, a day later than originally planned, but we now have two mostly full propane tanks and two Camping Gaz tanks, one mostly empty and the other mostly full, so we're set for awhile in that area.

On our way to our first anchorage, we had unexpectedly strong winds and were able to shut the engine off for a few hours and sail. We were making almost 8 knots for awhile on the jib alone. (We thought about raising the main sail, but it's a lot of work, and the winds are very changeable, so we didn't bother.) All that wind raised some swell, and we continued past our intended anchorage because it would have been too rolly. Instead we found a very pretty and isolated nook on the north side of Capo Ferrata. We still had some swell, but it wasn't too bad. It bothered John and Marzen more than it did me.

The last thing I did before we left the marina was stop at the office to ask them to e-mail me if our missing package of mail showed up. Once we were settled in the marina, John picked up our e-mail messages, and there was one from the marina. Our package had arrived. We were probably still in the harbor when it was delivered because we stopped for fuel on our way out, but now we're going back for it--just not by boat. We're going to go into the marina at Arbatax tomorrow and rent a car to drive back to Cagliari. At least we'll also get a chance to see a little more of Sardinia.

After that we have two more anchorages picked out before we do the passage across to Ostia (the port for Rome). We hope that we'll be able to see our friends on Islay Mist who are southbound from Corsica to Sicily. They're going to try to find us in one of our anchorages, so I'm keeping them informed of our change in plans too.

The weather is good, and the scenery is beautiful. John's trying to catch some mackerel along the way.

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