Friday, June 13, 2008

Atlantic Crossing Day 16 - What is a Nautical Mile

Some of you reading this blog may not know the difference between a nautical mile and a statute mile. There are two complimentary answers to the definition of a nautical mile.

1) A nautical mile costs much more.
2) A nautical mile is one minute of one degree latitude.

For each one degree of latitude there are 60 nautical miles. Compared to a statute mile the nautical mile is a little longer at 1.15 statute miles. The expression "knots" refers to nautical miles per hour.

The wind picked up this morning and we've been sailing wing on wing all day. A cold front passed over us early this afternoon. It had wind gusts to 25 knots and a little rain, enough to dilute the salt on the boat but not quite wash it off. Behind the cold front were clear blue skies and 10 knots from the west. We expect 15 knots on Saturday from the SW.

All is well aboard Solstice.

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